Chloe Kannan

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This Week's Question: What would you do with a $10,000 classroom grant?


Watch the video above to find out how the finalist answered.

The Finalist

Teacher's Name:

Chloe A Kannan



Subject Area (If Applicable):

English Language Art/Textual Analys

School Name:

Ruleville Middle School

School City:


School State:


Teacher's Bio


Chloe Kannan is a 2010 Teach for America educator that taught in the Mississippi Delta region. After her Teach for America commitment ended, she chose to stay in Mississippi to continue trying to make a difference in the classroom while also being a part of the Columbia Summer Principal's Academy Program. She now teaches seventh and eighth grade Language Arts at Ruleville Middle School. Every day, her class fights against the obstacles of rural poverty in order to pave the pathway toward future educational opportunities. Through a reading program Kannan developed for her school, she has fostered literacy in her students and has acquired 2,000 books for their library.

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Good Luck !!!

by ashley.sibley.3
almost 3 years ago | Reply

Thanks Ms.Sibley for giving Ms.Kannan good luck...I really hope she win too.

by Jalesia
almost 3 years ago | Reply

Chloe has the biggest heart. She radiates happiness and passion for teaching.

by hammad.aslam1
almost 3 years ago | Reply

She really does and I totally agree with you.

by Jalesia
almost 3 years ago | Reply

Just from what I've seen from these videos, I am in awe of your energy and vision for your students. All the best, Mr. P

by penningtonsclass
almost 3 years ago | Reply

I think the same too.

by Jalesia
almost 3 years ago | Reply

This is a good biography...I miss you and really want to get that 10,000 to go off to Ole Miss this summer...Love Always Jalesia Lyons

by Jalesia
almost 3 years ago | Reply

Most passionate person I know when it comes to high expectations for student achievement.

by miguel.davis1
almost 3 years ago | Reply

I know Chloe as an emerging leader, a teacher with great compassion, skill and commitment.
I highly recommend her to you. Dr. Richards, Columbia University

by cerich48
almost 3 years ago | Reply

You were my Institute inspiration! I admire you and what you do for you kids so much!

by wickedlysirius
almost 3 years ago | Reply

So proud of you, Chloe! Good luck and may your passion continue to lead you as you change lives forever.

by elena.diaz.57
almost 3 years ago | Reply

This is awesome Chloe :)

by dgylys
almost 3 years ago | Reply

Yay Chloe! Keep up all your hard work! You're awesome!!!

by julia.broz.9
almost 3 years ago | Reply

Very proud of you Chloe! Best of luck to you! I really hope the children can attend Ole Miss during the summer.

by gasiorr
almost 3 years ago | Reply

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